Welcome to the Big Toddle for Barnardos 2018


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The Big Toddle for Barnardos is a fun sponsored walk for toddlers where children themselves have the opportunity to help create positive change for disadvantaged children in Ireland.

Whether you're a crèche, a parent or a childminder, you can organise your own Big Toddle any time so join in the fun and register your Toddle group today.

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What happens...

...when I register?

1. Toddle

You will be sent your FREE toddle pack in the post containing all you need for a fun day of toddling!

Toddle 2.

Organise your toddle - pick a date and find a venue, like a school yard, a garden or a park

3. Toddle

Each child receives a sponsor envelope, or you can set up a group sponsorship page online

Toddle 4.

On the day, set up your route, have enough marshals to ensure the event runs smoothly and get ready, steady - toddle!


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